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turski Non-Lurker Hello ... question if you can assist ... I have actually splashed 3 layers of overcoat on my cars and truck (not base as well as clear)... its a 2k solitary stage.I do plan to totally colour sand with 2000 and after that aficionado and also gloss ... Nonetheless, in some locations I am discovering Tiger Stripes ... My concern is, will certainly the procedure of colour fining sand aid this as well as feasible eliminate the stripes?Where I live I do obtain bugs and also I will certainly need to completely sand all the bodywork anyhow ... Many thanks
Tiger red stripes in a 2k strong originated from not ho; denting the weapon vertical as well as from irregular or inaccurate overlaps. So, what you have are lines of paint that"s been used also completely dry, intermixed with lines that were wet.Can you obtain them out? Depend upon exactly how completely dry the completely dry locations are. With 3 layers, ideally you were irregular sufficient not to have actually laid completely dry locations over completely dry locations and also there suffices construct there to damp sand as well as aficionado. You"ll most likely need to obtain a little bit a lot more hostile than P2000 damp though, unless you intend on investing the entire winter season on it.
Thanks for your reply ... as well as it makes sense.I did criss cross the patterns ... so splashing back and forth and after that backwards and forwards for various other layers and so on. so I think I didn"t paint completely dry on completely dry totally in all 3 coats.I approve your description regarding exactly how this occurred as I am a little an amateur.Its noticeable yet rather pale adequate to make me not like it ... so Im simply waiting to see if I must allow it colour as well as treat sand ... or manage it currently as well as mess up as well as repaint one more much better coat.I would genuinely like to colour sand after its all treated ... however I battled to locate any person with experience of this on the net, as in just how viable it is to sand out tiger red stripes on a leading coat.Cheers
If you attempt to simply mess up as well as recoat then the surface area structure will certainly come via to the brand-new paint. It requires to be fined sand back level, so obstruct with P600 damp and also obtain it as level as you can. Then 2 even more layers, tool damp, of your 2K colour leading layer as well as you need to be great to pursue any type of denibbing necessary.I missed your place as Botswana previously, so my referral to investing all wintertime on it remained in connection to the north winter season. Ought to have been summer season, certainly.

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Something i see incorrect right here is that you claimed solitary phase as well as tiger red stripes. to me this indicates your utilizing a metal shade. rubbing and also fining sand is PROBABLY not mosting likely to function to well. you"ll possibly sand right into the flake and also have even more of a trouble than you began with. i"ve had genuine best of luck with using S/S metal shades by utilizing 2-3 damp layers. and also on the last layer allow it blink 5-10 minutes. (put on"t allow it completely dry to much) then hold the weapon back concerning 24" or two as well as spray a light haze layer. you may require to do 2 perhaps 3 to obtain the red stripes to conceal. timing is rather essential below you put on"t desire it to quickly as it won"t do a lot or trigger various other trouble related to being to damp. to completely dry and also it won"t thaw in and also be smooth. its most likely that if you use 2or 3 damp layers your last layer is mosting likely to be damp sufficient for 10 - 15 minutes. it does rely on hardeners and also reducers, yet we can take place and also on.Jay D.