This article is everything about obtaining smooth buttercream. When all you desire is a smooth surface on your cake, that implies no much more small air bubbles in your buttercream.

I have actually collected my ideal techniques and also pointers below to aid you obtain the cake designing results you desire.

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It looks like a great deal of individuals are having concerns obtaining their buttercream smooth. I hear you…… often buttercream simply does not intend to coordinate.

In this article, I want to assist with those problems, so providing you all my ideas as well as what has actually assisted me in the past as well as ideally will be the transforming factor for you also.


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These suggestions remain in no specific order. You can attempt every one of these out or simply a pair. Things concerning caking is that various techniques help various individuals.

When I initially started, I would certainly view lots of tutorials with individuals revealing what benefited them. Since the very same point really did not always function for me, I would certainly obtain exacerbated. What I'm attempting to claim is to make use of these suggestions as a beginning factor.

You might also intend to attempt incorporating several of these pointers together with some points you're currently doing to make a custom-made option. Make good sense?

Dive to:

Prior to we begin, make certain to go below and also get my favored buttercream dishes:

Preferred buttercream dishes:

Ok, so allow's get going with the ideas:


Pointer 1-- Utilize the appropriate mixer accessory:

Make use of the paddle accessory on your mixer. Okay, I call it the paddle add-on, however others might call it the beater accessory. It's the level mixer add-on and also NOT the whisk. (Idea: I additionally utilize this accessory when making cake batter.) Right here are some instances with web links.


KitchenAid Coated Apartment Beater


KitchenAid Flex Side Beater

Since they do not defeat in additional air like the whisk accessory, these mixer accessories are terrific. The buttercream simply appears to find out smoother.

Currently, if you do not have a stand mixer…… it's actually alright. Do not panic. If you're making use of a hand mixer, we'll speak concerning various other points you can do to obtain smooth buttercream also.

Suggestion 2-- Do not defeat over:

Do not defeat your buttercream above. This set is quite obvious. You simply do not intend to defeat in even more air than you need to. I attempt to maintain my mixer on tool.

As well as when your buttercream is all blended, you can also transform the mixer on reduced and also allow it run.

Idea 3-- Attempt utilizing lotion:

Attempt utilizing fifty percent & fifty percent lotion. A lot of the moment, I utilize milk when I make buttercream, yet there are times when I opt for the fifty percent & fifty percent and also it appears to make the buttercream a little bit much more smooth as well as luscious. Attempt changing your milk with the fifty percent & fifty percent and also see just how you like it.

Idea 4-- If making use of veggie reducing, obtain it really smooth prior to including the various other active ingredients:

When you're making warm steady buttercream or pipeable buttercream, you'll intend to sub out either fifty percent of the butter or every one of the butter for veggie reducing. This will certainly make it a lot more warm steady and also a much better piping uniformity.

Currently, so we're clear, I imply veggie reducing…… which is NOT the exact same point as lard. When I have to make piped blossoms or require the topping to stand up to a hotter temperature level, as well as I usually just utilize this.

So, when you utilize veggie reducing, attempt to blend the reducing as efficiently as feasible initially, prior to including any kind of various other active ingredients. You do not desire that clumping up on you.

Some brand names of veggie reducing job much better than others. Strangely sufficient, I locate that Walmart's shop brand name functions far better than the name brand name.

Pointer 5-- Shatter out the bubbles in a superficial container:

Alright, this suggestion might appear a little strange and also if you have actually reviewed my 7 Tips to Make Your Cakes Look Expert , then you have actually seen this set.

Transfer your buttercream right into a superficial container (like a huge plastic food storage space container) sort of similar to this one:

Snapware 8-Cup Airtight Rectangular Shape Food Storage Space Container, Plastic

Currently make use of a level rubber (silicone) spatula as well as kind of wreck the topping down with it.

Mix it around with the spatula too. You do not require to whip it up, simply mix it by hand as well as kind of hit down the topping as well as it aids to obtain a great deal of the bubbles out. I understand it appears unusual, yet it helps me and also it obtains the buttercream incredibly smooth.

You can look into my Youtube brief on this and also see what I imply.

Idea 6-- Make certain it's not as well thick of uniformity:

Make certain that your buttercream isn't as well thick. This isn't clinical, however I have actually discovered if the buttercream is a little also thick, when you attempt to smooth it, you'll obtain some bubbles.

You can see it below on the manicorn cake I made a while back. I obtained the topping uniformity a little also thick uniformity and also it would certainly have been much better had I included a little bit even more milk or fifty percent & fifty percent as well as operated at blending it with my rubber spatula.

Suggestion 7-- Make the loading a thicker uniformity

Make the filling up in between the layers a little thicker uniformity than the topping around the cake. This, along with l etting the cake work out in the past icing the outdoors , will certainly maintain you from obtaining those dreadful topping ridges around your cake when you have actually cold it entirely.

That will certainly assist you obtain a smooth coating to your cake.

Idea 8-- Make use of a great buttercream smoother:

You absolutely wish to make use of a great smoother. Currently, an excellent smoother could be various for you than it is for me. Everybody has their choice, yet below are my 2 faves.

(Incidentally, I have actually attempted among those acetate easiers and also while they appear to function excellent for others, they're not my fave.)

Plastic Topping Easier

I such as the plastic one due to the fact that it's high and also if I'm doing a taller cake rate, I do not have concerns.

Steel Easier

This steel one isn't as high, so if you have actually obtained a taller cake rate, it may not benefit you as well as you'll require to obtain a taller one.

You can obtain taller easiers together with easiers that have various forms to structure your buttercream.

High buttercream smoother

The advantage regarding a steel smoother is that you can warm it up with warm water to aid smooth the buttercream. This brings about the following pointer.

Suggestion 9-- Usage steaming water:

You can utilize boiling water to warm your smoother, clean it off and afterwards smooth it around your cake to obtain a smooth surface.Obviously you'll need to make use of the steel smoother for this idea though as the plastic or acetate ones, simply will not fume.

If you have bubbles in your buttercream, this additionally aids. One fast note though. If the buttercream is white, I usually just like to utilize this approach. It in some cases blemishes dark buttercream.

Pointer 10-- Decrease when smoothing:

Do not attempt to smooth around your cake very quick. In some cases that creates even more bubbles. Attempt walking around a little slower as well as see just how that benefits you.


Suggestion 11-- Attempt the paper towel technique:

If you made use of the warm water strategy) you can attempt the Viva paper towel technique, as soon as your topping is established (and also you have actually allow it completely dry.

Currently, I will certainly inform you that I do NOT such as this technique for the sides of cakes. The easiers function much better for me on the sides, yet I will certainly make use of the paper towel approach on the top of the cake to smooth it.

You'll intend to make use of a paper towel that does not have a pattern on it which's why many people like Viva paper towels for this strategy. Simply see to it your topping has actually crusted over a little bit prior to you utilize this technique.

Lay your paper towel on the top of the cake and afterwards utilize a fondant smoother , your buttercream smoother or your hand as well as simply hardly smooth over the paper towel.

Idea 12-- Maintain your buttercream container covered:

Do not leave your container of topping uncovered.I understand this most likely do without claiming, however if you leave it available to air prior to you spread it on your cake (specifically if it's made with reducing), it's mosting likely to crust, and afterwards when you most likely to mix it or ice your cake, it will not be smooth…… it simply obtains rough.

Idea 13-- Utilize a turntable:

This is one of the most essential device I make use of. I might not live without my turntable. I really have 2.

The Wilton turntable listed below is an excellent choice if you're simply beginning out and also do not desire to invest a lot. In some cases you can also obtain a promo code for your neighborhood craft shop and also acquisition it there. You can additionally locate it at the web link listed below.

Wilton Turntable

I additionally have this Winco turntable. It's even more strong as well as rotates actually efficiently. Mine resembles this.

Winco Turntable

Ateco brand name additionally has some excellent turntables also that I have actually listened to excellent aspects of.

Okay that was a great deal as well as you survived it! Whew! My extremely last pointer for you is to not obtain dissuaded.

The really initial cake I made in which I attempted to obtain the buttercream smooth, I obtained so worsened that I simply stabbed the buttercream spatula right into the top of the cake. I recognize, I understand, not cool down. However I understand exactly how annoying it is, however it improves!

Video clip:

The Cake Plan:

I have actually obtained a whole overview plus video clip for my [you located this message beneficial [solid> ‘ cheater approach' for obtaining smooth buttercream on your cakes, without buttercream blowouts and also topping ridges in my Cake Plan.

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The Cake Plan

Currently, suppose your cakes do not appear excellent? Do not you bother with it, due to the fact that do you recognize what? NO cake is ever before mosting likely to be definitely ideal which cake is gon na preference scrumptious regardless!