A careless Susan is truly simply 3 items: a base, a leading and also a sphere bearing swivel in between. Yet, put it in the facility of your table as well as it comes to be a prime focus at every dish. Right here"s an excellent area to display an unique item of timber you"ve been conserving. For the job revealed below, we"ll make use of a scrap of two-toned curly maple as an inlay medallion and also cherry for the various other elements. You can pick any kind of varieties of timber you favor. You"ll likewise require a 12-in. careless Susan bearing, black aniline color powder and also fast setup two-part epoxy. Right here"s just how to make this careless Susan.Step 1: Glue

up a 3/4-in.-thick empty for the leading as well as a 1/2-in.-thick empty for the base. We "ll make the last dimension of the leading 14 1/2 in. as well as the base 13 in. Leave the spaces large in the meantime. Mark the centerpoint on both faces of the leading space with a scrape awl so it will certainly be simple to find after machining as well as sanding. Mark the centerpoint of the base also. Action 2: Select the supply you"ll usage for the inlay medallion, and also airplane it to1/4 in. thick. Establish the dimension of the inlay circle you desire on your task, as well as make use of a compass to attract the form. Suffice rounded. Sand the sides as required to smooth them and also to improve the circle. Our medallion steps 5-3/4 in.Step 3: We"ll thrashing the recess for the medallion, its black boundary and also

the red stripe near the side of the top. In this situation we made use of a circle cutter to thrashing the recesses. You can likewise utilize a little router furnished with a trammel. Pierce a superficial, 1/8-in.-dia. centerpoint for the circle cutter" s pivot pin in the leading space. Pierce a 2nd quit opening to work as a starter opening for the router little bit. Setting this opening so its internal side notes the side of your inlay"s size. By utilizing a 1/8-in. -size router little bit, the circle you "ll thrashing in the following action will certainly wind up being 1/4 in. bigger than the inlay. Action 4: Mount a circle cutter, secure it to the proper reducing size and also established the little bit deepness to