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Locate a durable things smaller sized than the opening of the container as well as gradually press the cork down. Westend61/Getty Pictures

Pressing the cork right into the container is the expert-approved technique of sommeliers as well as wine makers. You can damage a nail, yet or else this is the most safe as well as most simple approach. As soon as the aluminum foil is off, merely press the cork right into the container with your fingers or a tough tiny things like a trick, lipstick container, the deal with of a wood spoon, or a pen. You can make use of the hand of your hand as a hammer.

"This constantly does the job," states wine maker Stuart Spoto of Spoto Household White Wines. "I"ve done it a hundred times." Depending upon the size of the cork and also the details container, it might be harder or easier yet shouldn"t take long.

"Take it gradually. Beware as well as individual," Spoto claims. As you press the cork in, red wine will certainly spray out, so be prepared with a towel around the container.

When the cork remains in the container, it might obstruct the neck, so it assists to have something long like a fork or your finger to relocate the cork as well as guarantee you can put the red wine out. Done right, the cork ought to be undamaged, so although it"s immersed in the red wine you wear"t demand to stress over smidgens of cork in the a glass of wine as you put.

2. Make use of a crucial as a curl

Rather than pressing the cork in, this technique depends on obstructing the trick right into the cork, then drawing it out like you would certainly with a curl. Stick a home secret right into the cork at an angled angle, then turn the secret while drawing upwards to displace the cork.

This approach can be hit-or-miss, as well as if you attempt a couple of times and also can"t obtain the secret to grasp the cork, you"ll damages the cork and also might have tiny items of cork falling under the white wine. It"s hard to obtain adequate hold or take advantage of.

"I"ve never ever attempted this approach," Spoto states. "If I had a trick I"d simply utilize it to press the cork in."

Quick idea: Pressure the red wine via a coffee filter to eliminate any type of damaged cork little bits prior to you consume it if you damage the cork utilizing any of these approaches.


Place a screw right into the cork and also draw it out with the claw of a hammer. Sergio Delle Vedove/ EyeEm/Getty Images

An even more intricate performance of the "crucial as take care of" technique over, this approach entails placing a screw right into the cork, then utilizing the forked end of the hammer to tear the cork out by utilizing the utilize of the screw. Similar to with a genuine a glass of wine trick, turning as you draw up-wards constantly assists.

"Commonly, if you locate on your own without a curl, you most likely won"t have a screw or hammer either," Spoto explains. "With that said claimed, screwing a screw in the cork as well as making use of a hammer to draw it out is a really risk-free technique."


Make use of a lengthy lighter to maintain your hand far from the fire. EugeneTomeev/Getty Images

When the aluminum foil is off, take a fire to the neck of the container as well as warmth the air space in between the white wine and also the cork. Transform the container gradually to warm the air consistently and also lessen the probability of the glass ruining. The cork will gradually be pressed out up until you can get it as well as draw it the remainder of the means.

"It functions, and also it functions well," Spoto claims. "It"s pure physics. As you"re warming the air, you"re developing even more stress. Fluid doesn"t increase, so the air just has one area to go as well as it presses the cork out. If you take it fully degree, it"ll pop like a sparkling wine cork."

When he was much more youthful and also claimed it took much less than a min for the cork to move out, Spoto did this as soon as. He doesn"t suggest this technique though. Although it functions, it"s harmful given that fire is included, and also there"s the opportunity the container might damage if it obtains as well warm.

5. Bike pump technique

Establish the bottle upright on a level surface area as well as jam an air needle right into the facility of the cork. The needle should be long sufficient to press completely with the cork right into the air room in the container. Then merely begin pumping air in and also, within a min or 2, the cork ought to climb sufficient that you can order it with pliers or your hand to draw it out.

"This functions fantastic," Spoto states. "The rise in atmospheric pressure drives the cork out." It"s the very same concept behind heating up the neck up, however much less harmful, although you"re more probable to have a lighter than a bike pump handy.


Rest the container of a glass of wine firmly inside the footwear, then bang it versus the wall surface to compel the cork out. AlanMBarr/Getty Images

Area the bottle in a footwear-- a level footwear with a tough rubber sole will certainly function best-- with the base of the container snuggled at the container as well as the heel standing upright like a leg. Hold the toe of the footwear with one hand as well as the bottle, simply listed below the neck, with the various other.

Strike the wall surface perpendicularly with the base of the bottle in the footwear. "The concept right here is you"re hammering the cork out ever before so somewhat," Spoto states. "As you extra pound, you"re relocating the fluid in one instructions, as well as it begins pressing the cork out."

However none footwear will certainly function. Don"t attempt this with heels, as well as supported operating footwear won"t transfer sufficient compel to the container. This approach can be laborious as well as take a long time. When the cork is displaced sufficient to get hold of with pliers or your fingers, you can draw it out the remainder of the means.

Spoto does not advise this approach. "You"re simply trembling the a glass of wine up, as well as I wear"t believe it"s great for the white wine," he claims. "It looks even more like a technique than anything else."

Even more ideas for opening up a container of red wine without a curl

The very best technique utilizes things that you have easily availableSanitize your item of option-- vital, nail, air needle-- prior to sticking it right into the corkSynthetic cork might be harder to navigate since it has much less offer than an all-natural corkAlways work out care if you"re having fun with fire or sharp things"s takeaway

It"s very easy to open up a container of white wine without a curl. Pressing it in is one of the most sensible technique, as well as making use of a lighter to warm the air underneath the cork functions whenever also with a little additional panache and also risk. If you desire to place on a program or delight on your own, hammering the red wine out with a footwear can be enjoyable. But also for every person"s peace of mind and also security, you"re far better off buying at the very least a straightforward white wine secret.

Brownish-yellow Gibson is a reporter focusing on traveling, food, white wine, as well as health with bylines in Conde Nast Tourist, Traveling + Recreation, Robb Record, National Geographic Vacationer, Separations, Saveur, Bon Appétit, NPR, NBC, Fodor"s, United States Today, and also a lot more. After researching journalism at Northwestern College, where she finished as valedictorian from the Medill Institution of Journalism, Brownish-yellow has actually been a full time electronic wanderer, investing 350 evenings a year in resorts. Sparkling wine, dark delicious chocolate, and also gelato are her greatest weak points.

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