The component on Billy Joel's "Piano Male" is an enjoyable and also simple tune to find out on Piano Male, initially launched in 1973, was Billy Joel's very first hit tune. He taped it in the secret of C, which likewise makes it an excellent tune for newbies to find out on… … due to the fact that the majority of us begin discovering on a C!

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I'm mosting likely to educate you exactly how to play this track in 4 degrees:

Simply discovering the tabs in C.How to play the ideal rhythms like a ninja master.How to play it with solitary notes, infusing spirit as well as pity bending.Putting everything with each other and also playing Piano Male like a complete employer.

Despite The Fact That Piano Guy is an excellent track for novices, if today is your extremely initial day playing the, I would certainly advise that you take into consideration initial discovering the Deep Relaxed Mouth Placement.

In my Newbie to Employer training course, we really do 24 lessons prior to we reach Piano Guy, since I think it's so crucial to create the ideal basics from the beginning, and also to prevent grabbing negative practices. So do not be reluctant to spend some time truly obtaining protected in the Deep Relaxed Mouth Setting prior to you tackle this track.

Degree 1: Simply the Tabs, Ma'am

The wonderful feature of tabs is that they inform you which openings to play in what order. The not-so-great aspect of tabs is that they do not show the length of time or brief to hold each note. When you currently understand a tune [tabs are most useful [em> truly well. (Suggestion: you can inform exactly how well you recognize a track by exactly how well you can sing it.)

Below are the tabs in C for Piano Male:

56 -56 56 -45 45 -45 4534-34 45 -34 45 -4556 -56 56 -45 45 -45 4534 -45 45 -34 34
You can see that every one of the notes are played 2 each time. These are called "dual quits." The wonderful feature of playing dual drop in a track similar to this is that we can have an opportunity to play a wonderful tune prior to we also require to find out the strategy needed to separate solitary notes.

Yet in order for the Piano Male riff to seem absolutely fantastic, you need to toenail the rhythm of the notes like an employer. So kick back, unwind, and also allow's travel via the moment of Piano Guy… …

Degree 2: Knowing the Real Bargain Rhythms

The # 1 distinction in between a professional artist and also a hack is having an awesome feeling of time. It's one point to recognize just how to play all the notes of the Piano Guy solo. It's one more point to be able to play Piano Male in time

I'm gon na educate you exactly how to toenail the amazing rhythms precisely the manner in which Billy Joel plays them. Piano guy remains in 3/4 time, additionally referred to as "Waltz Time." What that suggests is, in order to count together with the track, you 'd repetitively count to 3 over and also over," 1 , 2, 3, 1 , 2, 3, 1 , 2, 3 ..." Attempt paying attention to the tune and also counting along aloud.

Those notes we were simply counting with each other are called Quarter Notes. The fastest notes that we're gon na play in this track are called 8th notes, which are two times as rapid as what we were simply counting. The very easy method to count 8th notes is just to include words "as well as" in between every number. So currently we count similar to this:" 1 & 2 & 3 &, 1 & 2 & 3 &, 1 & 2 & 3 &……."

The Third as well as First expressions have extremely comparable rhythms, and also they are the trickiest to play.

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1 2 3 &|1 2 & 3 &|1 & 2 3|1 2 3

56 -56 56 -45 45-45 45

1 2 3|1 2 & 3|1 2 3|1 2 3|

34 -34 45-34 45-45

1 2 3 &|1 2 & 3 &|1 & 2 3|1 2 3

56 -56 56 -45 45-45 45

1 2 3| 1 & 2 3|1 2 3|1 2 3

34 -45 45 -34 34

Checking out the graph above, attempt passing over loud with me sluggish as well as good, as well as slapping on the beats where we'll be playing notes. Remember you need to claim the words with your mouth, "One and also 2 and also 3 and also, One and also 2 as well as 3 and also ..." If you're not claiming the words aloud, then you're ripping off!