Q: My oak floorings are covered in scrapes. Do I need to sand to bare timber to eliminate them?

-- Susan Bankhead, Meridian, Idaho

A: The Editors of This Old Residence reply: Not always. If the scrapes wear"t copulate via to the timber, you can scuff-sand your floorings with a barrier as well as use a fresh layer or 2 of coating. The wood flooring redecorating procedure is simpler and also more economical than fining sand to bare timber and also takes much less time. In a couple of hrs, your floorings will certainly look like brand-new.

The task needs utilizing a barrier, which you can lease at a house facility, and also a vacuum cleaner to gobble dirt. Rubbing wood floorings can be complicated, so if you"ve never ever utilized a barrier previously, method in the center of the area up until you obtain a feeling for just how to steer it.

When the coating is roughed up, we placed on a water-based polyurethane, which can be recoated in 3 hrs. Oil-based polys are more affordable, yet each layer takes around 8 hrs to completely dry. With either surface, we suggest a fresh layer every 2 years or whenever the flooring looks used. Stay with that regular and also your floorings will certainly never ever wear.

Pro Idea to stop Staining: Occasionally the tannins from your timber flooring respond to water-based polyurethane, triggering staining. To prevent this, use a skim coat prior to using your water-based poly. Smooth the skim coat out equally around the sides with a paint brush. (Do not clean as well quick or you might produce bubbles, which will certainly display in the surface.) Ravel the remainder of the flooring with an artificial flooring coating applicator as well as provide your skim coat regarding 2 hrs to completely dry.

Right here are some added usual inquiries we have actually found:

Just how much does it set you back to sand as well as redecorate wood floorings on your own?

Anticipate to pay a little much less than $500 per 275 sq. feet if you intend on DIY-ing your wood floorings. The typical array often tends to be in between $1,000 to $2,400.

The complete expense consists of renting out fining sand devices together with acquiring fining sand pads, timber tarnish, brushes as well as surface.

Is it less costly to change or redecorate wood floorings?

You can often wager that redecorating is more affordable than changing wood floorings. With the last, you would certainly be paying not just for the brand-new timber yet likewise for the labor of removing the old timber and also carrying it away.

What Are The Actions To Redecorating Wood Floors?

Review these 6 actions for redecorating the timber floorings in your house:

1. Tidy the Flooring with a Wood Flooring Cleanser

Picture by Reena Bammi Get rid of all the furnishings, and also spray the flooring with a wood floor covering cleaner or your very own mix of 10 components water to 1 component white vinegar. Delicately clean the flooring with a terry-cloth wipe or a towel twisted around a wipe head. Shut the doors and also home windows to maintain dirt included in the area you"re sanding.

2. Preparation the Border

Picture by Reena Bammi Making use of 180-grit sandpaper, hand-sand the border of the area as well as any kind of spaces that the barrier can"t reach. Massage with the grain 4 to 6 inches out of the wall, persuading each board up until the surface dulls as well as a powder kinds. Pro Suggestion: Don"t make use of a fining sand block for redecorating wood-- it may miss out on irregular places in the flooring.

3. Scuff-sand the Flooring Finishing

Picture by Reena Bammi Stick a maroon buffing pad to the barrier, and also place on a dirt mask. Relocate the barrier back and forth throughout the flooring towards the grain, overlapping each program by 6 inches. The old coating relies on powder as you go, so it"s simple to see the locations you"ve covered. Maintain the barrier relocating in all times, yet quit every 5 mins approximately and also vacuum the pad.

4. Vacuum cleaner and also Tack

Picture by Reena Bammi Leave the area for 10 to 15 mins to allow the powder clear up. Place a tidy filter in the vacuum cleaner, and also move the flooring making use of a felt-bottomed attachment.Work in accordance with the floor covering strips, then move throughout them to obtain any type of powder that cleared up in between the boards. Lastly, dry-tack the flooring with a microfiber fabric pressed with the grain.

5. Cut in Along the Edges

Image by Reena Bammi Cover your footwear with booties as well as your nose as well as mouth with a respirator that has natural vapor cylinders. Stress the surface via a cone filter right into a tidy plastic watering can, minus a lawn sprinkler head, then put some stretched coating right into a little plastic container. Brush a 3-inch-wide red stripe close to the walls at a factor farthest from your departure door.You"ll have lap marks if the side of the red stripe begins to completely dry, so quit after 10 mins as well as most likely to the following action.

6. Turn out the Poly

Picture by Reena Bammi Pour out a 1-inch-wide red stripe of surface according to the grain-- just as high as you can spread out in 10 mins. Utilizing a long-handled roller with a 1/4-inch snooze cover, turn out the do with the grain, then throughout it. Overlap each pass as well as job swiftly to maintain a damp side. After 10 mins, brush even more surface along the side, then put and also roll once again for 10 mins. Proceed till the flooring is covered.

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Wait 3 hrs prior to recoating and also a week prior to returning furnishings.

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