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Definition: that, the various other, the ideal one


Component of speech: adjective, pronoun (fem. a , neut. o , plur. e Ranking: # 8 (see regularity checklist)

o oo.That home is big.e e? Where are those publications? e o, o a ye.He"s not the one we need.epeo special-interest group a o epey.The tree expands beyond (of the river). pec e y y.You brought the incorrect publication. (lit: You brought not that publication) o oy.In that year.

o pyo
= both (lit: that as well as the various other) y e yy = at that extremely minute eo o, o. = The factor is that ... oce oo, a = after epe e, a = prior to ecop a o, o = even with the truth that poe oo = besides e peee = on the other hand oy e = besides; furthermore ... oy aa = ... ago oo e oy aa = several years ago e o, o = it is not that c oo c chief executive officer. = Suddenly; For no factor in any way; Without rhyme or factor o a c = something and also one more
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