This Russian word is among the leading 1000 words in Russian. The total checklist of a lot of typical Russian words is offered right here.

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Significance: great, wonderful, stunning, good-looking, sloshed, intoxicated (jargon), huge, large, considerable


Component of speech: adjectiveRank: # 114 (see regularity checklist)

eo opoa ooa.The climate is excellent today. oc a opoeo aeca.He puts on a coat of excellent quality.́o, oéo, éo opóee.That"s certainly a great thing.a y opo o oce.Ivan purchased a wonderful residence in Moscow. op oy yy cea a opo oa.I opened up a brand-new container as well as made as well huge gulps.y ye po opo, oa ea epyac oo.The hubby was rather intoxicated when the partner returned home.a oe ce opoy op cya.I consumed a great (big) section of soup for lunch.a oe opoa coo.Anna is extremely opoeo!Goodbye!

c oe opo
= we get on excellent terms with him opoa police! = A quite another tune! opoee eo! = A rather another tune! oa c opoo = up until now so excellent ca opo = best chief executive officer opoeo! = Farewell! oaa opo pep = to establish an example
oc opoo, a oa ye.It is great to be seeing, however it is much better at e o, a oo po, a opoo.How well you live makes a distinction, not exactly how long.c opoo epy.Everything in reason.c opoo, o opoo oaec.All is well that finishes well.opo coe e o pe.Good advice does no harm.opo oap ca ce a.True reefs requires no painter"s brush.opoo cec o, o cec oce.He chuckles finest that chuckles last.opoa c po aoc.Second ideas are best.opoeo oeoy.More than adequate is excessive.
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opo Significance: massive, substantial, huge Enunciation: Discover Russian words a lot more ... » & raquo;