Tapeworm infection is brought on by consuming food or water polluted with tapeworm eggs or larvae. They can move outdoors your intestinal tracts as well as develop larval cysts in body cells and also body organs (intrusive infection)if you consume particular tapeworm eggs. If you consume tapeworm larvae, nevertheless, they turn into grown-up tapeworms in your intestinal tracts (intestinal tract infection).

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A grown-up tapeworm contains a head, neck as well as chain of sectors called proglottids. When you have an intestinal tract tapeworm infection, the tapeworm head sticks to the digestive wall surface, as well as the proglottids expand as well as create eggs. Grown-up tapeworms can live for approximately three decades in a host.

Digestive tract tapeworm infections are normally moderate, with just one or more grown-up tapeworms. Yet intrusive larval infections can trigger significant issues.

Signs and symptoms

Lots of people with digestive tract tapeworm infection put on"t have signs and symptoms. Your signs will certainly depend on the kind of tapeworm you have and also its place if you do have issues from the infection. Intrusive tapeworm infection signs and symptoms differ depending upon where the larvae have actually moved.

Intestinal tract infection

Symptoms and signs of intestinal tract infection consist of:

NauseaWeaknessLoss of appetiteAbdominal painDiarrheaDizzinessSalt cravingWeight loss and also poor absorption of nutrients from food

Intrusive infection

If tapeworm larvae have actually moved out of your intestinal tracts and also created cysts in various other cells, they can ultimately create body organ and also cells damages, leading to:

HeadachesCystic masses or lumpsAllergic responses to the larvaeNeurological symptoms and signs, consisting of seizures

When to see a physician

Look for clinical interest if you experience any of the indications or signs of tapeworm infection.

Ask for a Consultation at Mayo Facility


A tapeworm infection begins after intake of tapeworm eggs or larvae.

Consumption of eggs. You consume tiny tapeworm eggs if you consume food or beverage water polluted with feces from an individual or pet with tapeworm. For instance, a canine contaminated with a tapeworm will certainly pass tapeworm eggs in its feces, which enter the dirt.

It comes to be polluted if this exact same dirt comes in call with a food or water resource. When you consume alcohol or consume something from the polluted resource, you can then be contaminated.

As soon as inside your intestinal tracts, the eggs turn into larvae. At this phase, the larvae end up being mobile. They create a cyst in the liver or various other cells if they move out of your intestinal tracts.

Intake of larvae cysts in meat or muscle mass cells. When a pet has a tapeworm infection, it has tapeworm larvae in its muscle mass cells. If you consume undercooked or raw meat from a contaminated pet, you consume the larvae, which then turn into grown-up tapeworms in your intestinal tracts.

Grown-up tapeworms can determine greater than 80 feet (25 meters) long as well as can make it through as long as three decades in a host. Some tapeworms connect themselves to the wall surfaces of the intestinal tracts, where they create irritability or moderate swelling, while others might travel through to your feces and also leave your body.

Danger elements

Elements that might place you at higher threat of tapeworm infection consist of:

Poor health. Occasional cleaning as well as showering enhances the danger of unintentional transfer of polluted issue to your mouth. Direct exposure to animals. This is particularly bothersome in locations where human as well as animal feces are not thrown away correctly. Taking a trip to establishing nations. Infection happens extra regularly in locations with inadequate hygiene methods. Consuming undercooked or raw meats. Incorrect food preparation might stop working to eliminate tapeworm eggs as well as larvae included in infected pork or beef. Staying in native locations. In particular components of the globe, direct exposure to tapeworm eggs is most likely. As an example, your danger of entering into call with eggs of the pork tapeworm (Taenia solium) is higher in locations of Latin America, China, sub-Saharan Africa or Southeast Asia where free-range pigs might be much more typical.


Digestive tapeworm infections generally put on"t reason problems. If issues do happen, they might consist of:

Digestion clog. If tapeworms expand huge sufficient, they can obstruct your appendix, causing infection (appendicitis); your bile air ducts, which bring bile from your liver as well as gallbladder to your intestinal tract; or your pancreatic air duct, which lugs gastrointestinal liquids from your pancreatic to your intestinal tract. Mind as well as main nerve system problems. Called neurocysticercosis (noor-o-sis-tih-sur-KOE-sis), this specifically unsafe problem of intrusive pork tapeworm infection can lead to frustrations and also aesthetic disability, along with seizures, mental deterioration, hydrocephalus or meningitis. Fatality can happen in extreme situations of infection.

Body organ feature disturbance. They come to be cysts when larvae move to the liver, lungs or various other body organs. In time, these cysts expand, often huge sufficient to crowd the working components of the body organ or minimize its blood supply. Tapeworm cysts occasionally fracture, launching even more larvae, which can transfer to various other body organs and also create added cysts.

A fractured or dripping cyst can create an allergy-like response, with itching, hives, swelling as well as problem breathing. Surgical procedure or body organ hair transplant might be required in serious situations.


To stop tapeworm infection:

Laundry your hands with soap as well as water prior to managing or consuming food as well as after utilizing the commode. When taking a trip in locations where tapeworm is a lot more typical, clean as well as prepare all vegetables and fruits with risk-free water prior to consuming. Be certain to steam it for at the very least a min as well as then allow it cool down off prior to utilizing it if water may not be secure. Get rid of animals direct exposure to tapeworm eggs by appropriately getting rid of pet as well as human feces. Completely chef meat at temperature levels of at the very least 145 F (63 C) to eliminate tapeworm eggs or larvae. Freeze meat for as lengthy as 7 to 10 days as well as fish for at the very least 1 day in a fridge freezer with a temperature level of -31 F (-35 C) to eliminate tapeworm eggs as well as larvae. Prevent consuming undercooked or raw fish, beef and also pork. Without delay deal with pets contaminated with tapeworm.

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