I"ve simply ended up the Goth Children mission, and also my following mission is to choose a side. I"m interested just how various the video game bets both sides? Specifically, my bro and also I are both playing the video game individually, as well as I"d like to recognize if we select various sides, we"ll be puzzled when speaking to each various other.

With as couple of looters as feasible, please.

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They"re primarily similar.

In addition to the friends offered to you throughout the institution intrusion, occasions play out basically identically.


The only point that will certainly be various is a short pal option, one battle, as well as one or 2 cut scenes. Absolutely nothing significant, no result on the video game dip into all, simply depends upon that you intend to make crazy for a couple of mins.


Along with what has actually currently been stated, you obtain a various tool as benefit:

Fairies: Butters" Hammer of Storms

122-170 (3x)Shock dmg +50

Human beings: Stan"s Lowering Blade of the Ranger

180-250 (x2)Target begins hemorrhaging on Perfect AttackA Perfect Strike targets every person in a column.


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